Stories of Us is a collection of what inspires us in our daily life. But where do we get our inspiration and dreams from? Here we will share the stories of the people we admire and who have a unique way of looking at life.

Different Stories

Sofia Einerot is the author of the amazing book Klinik 13 and has an inspirational story to share. Healing and yoga have become a big part of her life as it was healing that helped her get rid of her rheumatism.

Liva Wrae has for the past two years lived a vegan lifestyle and tends to avoid gluten. Together with working out (in the form of yoga or being in nature) Liva prioritizes a healthy lifestyle in combination with studying graphics.

Louise Dahl och Emmie Asplund are two professional dancers in Stockholm, sharing their thoughts about working out, dancing and living healthily in order to maintain a high tempo lifestyle. To be able to have your passion as your career is maybe the ultimate goal for us all, which is something these two women know everything about.

Tess Merkel, the disco queen who has made working out and being aware of what she puts in her body a main part of her life.

As a certified yoga teacher of 12 years, Johanna Ljunggren has attempted to live a healthy lifestyle and eat "clean" according to all the rules. However, she decided that the healthy lifestyle can be anything but healthy in the end.

Jona Dahlqvist has taught yoga and meditation for over 10 years. However, yoga isn't her only passion since Jona also competes in triathlon and has completed 10 Ironman, where two of these were World Championships in Hawaii.

Lena Thomander is our expert in Feng shui and the what to do's in the art of home decoration. After becoming interested in a book about Feng shui she eventually attended the Nordic School of Feng shui and now works as a consultant for homes and other spaces.

Maria and her family moved to Mallorca. Read her story to find out about their island life and her book about their youngest son.