Like a tree, the branches of yoga are many and are all needed to make the tree that is yoga. We invite you to take the pieces we provide and form your own yoga practice, whatever it may look like.

Each yoga practice is different, depending entirely of the person who practices. Therefore, each person creates their own philosophy, lifestyle or workout in regards to what yoga is to them. Here we at Stories of Us give you insight as to what yoga is to us.

Our philosophies

Perhaps the most focused on branch of yoga, where the body moves in order for the mind to be still.


Are you curious about the body and how different energies affect the body in different ways? Learn more about the chakras and the way they influence our daily lives.


Are you ready to face yourself and turn your perspective inside out?

Dive inside yourself and find the stillness that comes from silence and focus.


Are you ready to face the world and share your perspective to those around you?

Dive out into the world and find the passion that comes from togetherness.